Nosaki Information Systems Group, Engineers to the services of your ideas!

Portrait of Nosaki Information Systems Group

NosakiiS Group opened on the worldNosaki Information Systems Group (NosakiiS Group) is a Swiss supplier of solutions and computing service offers who gathers the skills connected to the new information technologies, the automation and the industrial computing.

NosakiiS Group arose from the will of her founders stemming from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies to develop a first activity started in 1993 which was only specialized in the automation of process and the industrial computing. The appearance of internet having pulled a strong convergence of information technologies and automation, it became obvious that a company grouping these two fields of activity had to be born.

The engineering in the service of the productivity

NosakiiS Group defines your work processesNosakiiS Group is capable of mastering all the flows of data of the company: from the control of process up to the statistical processing of the data.

So NosakiiS Group is the ideal partner to realize integrated computing tools allowing to optimize the productivity of the company by a strong automation of the working processes.

NosakiiS Group accumulated until this day an experience gone deeper into in numerous fields of activity as:

  • Chemical industry, biotechnology and pharma
  • Watch-making and luxury goods industry
  • Machine-Tools industry
  • Retail sales
  • Logistics
  • Automation of laboratory
  • Aircraft, space and defense industry
  • Cyber security, encryption and data protection