NosakiiS Group's services in automation and industrial IT

Nosaki Information Systems Group (NosakiiS Group) offers the services of an engineering company specializing in industrial process automation and production management.

With its wide experience of technologies, NosakiiS Group supports all stages of your project: the feasibility study, design of the software architecture, development, validation and deployment of your installation.

Production Management (MES)

NosakiiS Group assists you in the implementation of a MES system based on ISA-95 standard to suit your specific needs.

Real information system to serve the company, the MES system ( Manufacturing Execution System ) ensures the management of your production. The MES is the intermediary between the management systems of the company (ERP, MIS, CRM, Supply Chain) and real-time systems such as production machinery, production lines or automated processes.

The MES system keeps track of your production operations such as:

  • Traceability and product genealogy
  • The management of resources (materials, equipment, personnel)
  • The management of manufacturing orders / batches
  • Quality and process management ( SQC / SPC )
  • The management of the maintenance

Process automation and supervision

NosakiiS Group has developed an expanded experience of process control through automation of facilities in different areas such as water treatment, industrial production (food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology) or the laboratory.

Our services cover a wide range of needs:

  • Phospholipids extraction skid automated by NosakiiS GroupDevelopment of automation with programmable Logic Controller (PLC) using IEC 61131 languages (structured language, ladder, contact)
  • Development of supervisory applications with SCADA tools (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) such as Intellution FIXDMAC, Wonderware InTouch, RSView, WinCC, Labview
  • Supervision applications development for single users, networked and web environments. These applications are customised in C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic
  • Development of communication drivers via serial, Ethernet TCP / IP and OPC
  • Configuration and implementation of fieldbus such as Profibus, ASI, Industrial Ethernet, DeviceNet, CANbus
  • Laboratory automation with integration of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

Machine command / Motion control

NosakiiS Group brings a strong added value to your machine thanks to the integration of control units which are developped with up-to-date numeric technology. We enrich your machines with new functionalities, such as programmation aid, failure diagnostic, telemaintenance, users identification with RFID, and so on.

NosakiiS Group offers customised services such as:

  • Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) developped by NosakiiS GroupDeveloppement of machine control software which integrates CNC axis management
  • Digital control units based on PC architectures
  • Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) development
  • Definition and implementation of control and measurement systems
  • Development of automated test benches

Examples of realized projects

  • Pharmaceutical industry: Automation of a phospholipids extraction and purification plant (production processes automation, man-machine-interface and statistics analysis tools development)
  • Biotechnology: Development of software managing production processes of industrial chromatography columns (automatized processes, man-machine interface, management of batch protocols, equipments validated in accordance with GAMP/FDA rules)
  • Biotechnology: Development of software managing production processes of two plants preparing intermediate solutions used to produce hormones (automatized processes, man-machine interface, management of batch protocols, equipments validated in accordance with GAMP/FDA rules)
  • Robotics and machinery industry: Development of a motion control system for manufacturing machines composed of 6 robotic units (6 axis / unit) and programming of the multi-level man-machine interface for a Swiss machine-tools manufacturer
  • Water refinement: Study and realisation of the control unit ensuring the control of water treatment processes and technical building equipments of a water refinement plant (man-machine interface software with alarms identification module and remote automatic warning system)