Consulting services for companies: Digital strategy, technologies and innovation

Nosaki Information Systems Group (NosakiiS Group) provides the services of senior consultants who average over 10 years experience in the field of technologies applied to different organs of the company such as: management, organisation of services, design, development and industrialisation of products, production, logistics, sale or distribution.

Working with NosakiiS Group offers several advantages:

  • The expertise of specialists having a practical experience
  • The objectivity and the independence towards the manufacturers and the suppliers
  • The confidentiality
  • A single contact person for the advice and the realization of your projects

Digital strategy consulting / Management consulting

Nosakiis Group consulting to define your digital stategyThe NosakiiS Group's consultants work closely with the executive management to define and implement the digital strategy of the company.

Having defined with the executive management the waited objectives, NosakiiS Group proposes an approach which can be then followed by the management or delegated to the NosakiiS Group's consultants.

NosakiiS Group proposes relevant solutions and supplies a decision support by making all the tasks of analysis necessary for the decision making:

  • Audit
  • Feasibility study
  • Market study
  • Technology watch

Process consulting / IT consulting

Nosakiis Group consulting help you to optimize your work processesNosakiiS Group helps you to lead your projects by defining and by optimizing your work processes with for objective to favor the growth and to improve the profitability.

NosakiiS Group realizes the IT processing: from the design of information systems up to their on-site implementation.

With NosakiiS Group, the customer has a single contact person who can at the same time understands the constraints of his organization and develops the tools which are best adapted to him.

Consulting in technologies / Innovation consulting

NosakiiS Group advises you in the search for solutions, proposes you the methodology to implement new technologies and supports you in their implementation.

NosakiiS Group offers you an integrated service which uses the expertise of consultants which accumulate an experience confirmed in domains so diverse as:

  • Nosakiis Group consulting help you to optimize your work processesInformation systems
  • Internet technologies
  • Data security
  • Logistics
  • Process automation
  • Automation of production
  • Machines Control
  • Industrial robotics
  • Laboratory automation

Technical expertise

Services offered by NosakiiS Group do not limit themselves to an activity of advice, we also realize for you the following tasks:

  • Product and innovation management
  • Outsourced research and development
  • Qualification and validation of processes, systems and equipment
  • Tests and functional validation of software
  • Implementation of the change

Profile of NosakiiS Group consultants

The consultants of NosakiiS Group have a university education or arise from a High School (Engineering school, Master of Business Administration, Doctorate). They developed their experience during more than 10 years in various positions within Swiss or foreign companies.