Custom software development - Test and validation - Implementation of software

The development of a personalized software solution perfectly adapted to your needs is often the only alternative to increase your productivity and to rationalize the tasks of your employees.

Custom software development

Nosaki Information Systems Group (NosakiiS Group) assures for you the custom software development of your computing tools as well as their implementation and their maintenance on the long term.

You can entrust to NosakiiS Group all or part of your computing projects:

  • NosakiiS Group designs software adapted to your needsFeasibility study
  • Elaboration of your technical specifications
  • Architecture of the solution (hardware and software) and design of data models
  • Software development
  • Test and validation
  • Integration and on-site implementation
  • Documentation and training of the users
  • Application maintenance and functional evolution of the software according to new needs

NosakiiS Group assures the development either of complete and autonomous solutions, or functional modules becoming integrated into the existing computer systems.

IT services / Software engineering

  • NosakiiS Group supports all phases of software developmentDesign of custom-made databases
  • Development of "client-server" application
  • Web application development
  • Internet Website design
  • Design of mobile application (Android)
  • Embedded software development

Examples of realized projects

  • Machinery industry: Development of a remote monitoring software used by after sales services to diagnostic machine-tools failures for machine-tools manufacturers
  • Logistics: Creation of an IT solution which assures the management of installations of weighing for truck and the administrative management of loads
  • Quality Assurance: Creation of a mobile application for capture of data found during the inspection of sensitive sites with Web interface and automatic archiving of the data on centralized database